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Here’s an up and to the right graph to make you feel at home.


FIRST Quality Response vs. FOURTH Quality Response

there are two kinds of lead responses

  1. The quality response the customer wants
  2. The non-committal response to see if a customer is on the other side

Guess which one works



Why does this matter more than ever?

Cars are expensive

30% of retail purchases are now financed longer than 72 months

and new car APRs are the highest in 10 years

New Cars

New car prices averages are $35,000

up $4,000 since 2014

The average new car payment is now $532

Used Cars

Used car prices now average $21,000

up $3,000 since 2014

The average used car payment is now $409

this is the first time it has ever broken into the $400s

When payments are this high the consumer’s budget is far more stressed

most Americans wait

4 years

between car purchases

The Amazon Prime customer was estimated to spend $1,300 annually on Amazon in 2016.  It is believed the number has increased.  How many purchases have you made online since 2016?  Have your shopping habits changed since you made your first online purchase?

Online Purchasing

  • Consumers are given ALL the information needed to make a purchase
  • It is not necessary to speak to a human to buy something online
  • Pricing is available …and in many cases payments too

Shopping online influences expectations on car purchases


like your customers will

Sandra just sent a lead looking for a Limited Highlander you have in stock.  Your sales agent Abe is responding ⬇

Up your lead response game

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