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Why Dealers Need to Consider Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads in 2021

2020 taught automotive dealers the importance of delivering relevant and engaging marketing messages across platforms where customers spend a lot of time. Beyond the messaging, call-to-actions and landing page experiences have rapidly evolved in response to modern shoppers’ behavior. 

Facebook, ever forward-thinking, unveiled Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) to help dealers extend their reach outside of their own websites. The goal is to increase visibility from car shoppers based on their behavior online; visits to other automotive and dealer-related Facebook pages, websites, and apps. 

The secret sauce in this new Facebook frontier is where the shoppers land after they click the ads, and the positioning of the ads within the platform. 

With Automotive Inventory Ads on Facebook, dealers have the opportunity to drive ad clicks to a mobile-optimized shopping experience within the Facebook platform. The dynamic Vehicle Detail Page on Facebook is populated using information from the dealer’s auto catalog. Once engaged, your customers can maneuver to research other vehicles and connect with dealers via Facebook Messenger, by submitting a lead form, or calling the dealership. 

Stats from Facebook indicate that dealers using the new Automotive Inventory Ads are heavily reducing their cost-per-lead and cost-per-content view. Lead cost is down by 82% versus a website destination with cost-per-content view dropping by 17%. Encouraging statistics for dealers to consider!

Ad placement is also a big draw with Facebook serving up the new ads in premium ad slots like the top of the Marketplace vehicle feed, and on consumer vehicle listings. These placements are higher converting as they are more frequently viewed by high-intent car shoppers.

Facebook reports that 55% of people are not willing to wait for a website landing page to load when shopping, instead they advise driving customers to a mobile-optimized VDP on Facebook where dealers can qualify leads in real time through Facebook Messenger or a lead form. 
The new mobile-optimized car shopping experience provided by the on-Facebook destination is a game-changer for car dealers. US consumers surveyed discover car dealers on mobile 51% of the time, while 68% use Facebook for aut-related activities. 

Benefits of an on-Facebook destination for you advertisements include:

  • More efficient campaign performance resulting from a lower average cost-per-lead and cost-per-view
  • Frictionless shopping experience from a Facebook ad to a mobile-optimized VDP. Lower wait time for page load and less opportunity for abandonment. 
  • Privacy-first consideration as people demand more data transparency and control, choosing AIA allows dealers to continue delivering relevant ads based on behavior. 
  • Ad placement advantage with slots at the top of the Marketplace vehicles feed and the bottom of the consumer vehicle listings help reach in-market consumers more effectively. 
  • The capability to retarget shoppers who viewed your inventory or contacted your dealership in a subsequent Facebook campaign.

Facebook AIA with FRIKINtech

Your advertising agency can work directly with FRIKINtech’s AGENCYiQ feed to automate and handle anything you don’t want to do yourself.

Where do you want to put the payment?

Example of putting the payments into the description

Example of putting the payments into the Headline

Landing Page Experience

By the way, this is all automated

If you are more technically inclined:

You will need our AGENCYiQ feed that you can grab daily to sync your inventory photos, vehicle description details, prices, and of course:  the best payment of the day!

Add the fbpageID field to vehicles in your AIA catalog via Catalog Manager or use your Marketplace catalog. Then create a prospecting campaign with the ‘Product Catalog Sales’ objective, select your auto catalog and at the ad set level, choose ‘Website’ as the traffic destination. Note that Facebook Messenger will be your default contact method. Advertisers outside the US and CA can choose lead form as the preferred option with additional catalog changes. In ads reporting, you can track key campaign metrics such as ‘On-Facebook ViewContent’,‘OnFacebook Leads’, ‘GetDirections Clicks’ and ‘Phone Number Clicks.

Or chat with us and we can hook you up with people who can do this for you.

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