FRIKINtech Welcomes Jeff Dare

You might be starting to notice a pattern with our FRIKIN team. For starters, we subscribe to the TLC’s philosophy; We don’t want no scrubs.

Our newest gorilla is, once again, a well-respected automotive professional who’s reputations for success precedes him. 

Jeff Dare, a.k.a. “The Good Jeff”,  joins our sales crew with 20 years in automotive under his belt. Originally, Dare helped dealers with sales leads as employee #6 at Dealix. Next, he turned his focus to a small, little-known company in Burlington, Vermont: Over 12 years with DDC, Dare excelled as a Regional Sales Manager and top sales rep for many years running. He was promoted to work with major accounts where he personally ensured success for many of the largest automotive dealer groups in the nation. 

Through two major acquisitions and massive, ever evolving automotive digital marketing advancements, Dare’s dealer-focused, innovative approach to digital success resulted in a President’s Club award and a tremendous demand for his talent from dealers and vendors across the country. With countless options for his next big move, Dare chose FRIKINtech.  Why? Dare explained,

“FRIKINtech is a rocket ship. When you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship you don’t ask questions, you just strap in and hold on tight. I’ve never seen anything like illumiQUOTE in automotive, or elsewhere for that matter. The accuracy, dynamic interactivity with the shopper, and the visibility into the customer’s motivations, wants, needs, and fears while shopping for a new car remotely… it’s an absolute game-changer. Every dealer who wants to remain relevant and profitable needs illumiQUOTE – not in the future, right now!”

Jeff Dare joins the FRIKINtech sales team led by Tim Kelly who shared, 

“Because of his vast and varied experiences in automotive leading up to now, Dare was, hands down, the most desirable candidate to join our FRIKIN team. He understands the shortcomings of all the other digital retail tools out there. He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with car dealers fighting for effective options to overcome the obstacles in selling cars today.  We’re all excited at the opportunity to grow together with our dealers and find new prospects who understand the true nature of digital retail – it’s just RETAIL. We know what dealers need and there’s no stopping us now!” 

If you’d like to learn more about FRIKINtech, and our interactive payment presentation illumiQUOTE, give us a call or poke around our website a bit. You’ve waited long enough for an effective way to engage your leads, work numbers remotely, and capture website visitor’s attention and business. Here it is! You’re FRIKIN welcome. ?

Written on June 16, 2020

Written by Christine Plunkett

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