Enhance Engagement Everywhere

Send all shoppers through the illumiQUOTE engagement engine and high quality leads are sent directly to your CRM, ready for your team to set an appointment!

Service Drive

Engage your service drive with a titilating offer to upgrade their current car via text and/or email.  Customers see their equity applied to every car you they can buy in real time.

It is a Used Car Factory for lead-gen!


Engagement states with the ad that catches their attention.  

Build trust by showing the same believable payment everywhere and land them on the car that payment is for.


Carry the same payments from your ads into your website for the ultimate landing experience.  The visitors who start on your website will love the transparency of ~1,000 payment options on every car you carry.


Automate your lead respond with the most engaging email a dealership has ever sent right out of your current CRM.  Your team is armed with how the customer engaged & reacted.

OPTIONAL:  Add BDCiQ to enhance your phone follow-up.


Want more people to say yes on the first pass?  Show them the payments they already played with online to build trust and reduce friction at the desk.  

Let your managers grind the second pass… if you even need it.  Every car is already penciled with all incentives, taxes, fees, through your chosen lenders.

Works with your dealership’s website, ad agency, CRM, and DMS

When an average of 1,000 payments are available on every car every day quotes get illuminating:

 illumiQUOTE for short

The biggest enigma in car buying is answering the question “how much is it for me?”  FRIKINtech removes the friction (friktionless technologies ?) by getting the hard part out of the way up front.  It allows your staff to be true sales consultants instead of runners between the customer and the desk.

Because we do it in all your channels, we can track the customer from the first ad they see to their last service visit.  And that’s what is in it for you.

illuminating for their budget

Pinpoint their exact budget desires on your entire inventory.

  • Search by payment
  • Search by feature
  • Search New & Used together
  • Apply their downpayment, miles driven, and desired term
  • Sort by lowest payment, best lease value, etc.

illuminating realizations

There may be another car they never considered before.  This is especially illuminating on group site experiences.

illuminating personalization

As they tune their location, trade, incentives, and credit score every payment on every car in your inventory changes to reflect their actions.  They can also pin the vehicles that are most interesting to them to save their work on your VLP.

illuminating incentives

All the incentives are easily selectable and fully detailed.  Don’t worry, we won’t let them stack a lease and loan incentive together.

illuminating equity

Local market values are applied through TRADEPENDING to deliver the right number.

illuminating quote

When they land on a vehicle they can see how to tune their payment further instantly! As they tune, the lender providing that program is also shown to them for the utmost in transparency.  

illuminating for you

illuminating heat map

Want to know where your most engaged areas are?

illuminating leads

Who says you can’t cherry pick your leads?  We bubble the most engaged leads to the top, so you know who to call first.

illuminating EVERYTHING

See everything the customer did.  Learn their buying motivations.  Delivered to your CRM.

There is only one thing left to do