Engage your online shoppers, all your internet leads, and dazzle your databases with transparency a customer has never experienced before.  While customers play, you learn what motivates them to better tune your approach.

Lots of Banks

Around 1,400 to be precise.  Including captives.  

We call them all every night to pencil 21,000 payment options per dealership on average.

Unlimited Trades

Add as many as you want. Use our TradePending integration as a guide.

We don't even care if you're ACVing cars.  Trade baseball cards, motorcycles, boats, etc.

Multiple OPtions

You have lots of cars to sell and you've been quoting your customer one car at a time.  What??!!!

Give quotes on multiple vehicles.

Lease, Lease, Lease

Is your lease penetration under 40%?  "Recession-proof" your store with a larger portfolio requiring customers to do something no matter the economic situation. 

One Price?

By focusing on payments the pricing question isn't as prevalent.  

Have you thought about pricing cars based on incentives & lender programs?


You ask if we're accurate and we'll ask you if your DMS is.  You might discover it isn't.

Penny-perfect payment calculations.

CRM Integration

We give you everything you need to drop things into your CRM, email marketing, texting platform, etc.

Maintain your current processes.


All credit applications accepted!  We love the D Tier and you can too.

When a program has stipulations we let the customer know.

Compare Models and Trims

Have you ever had a customer who did not know which trim to get?  Did you have to pencil a different worksheet for each car?

Drill-down on the model and set the payment terms for the customer.  It takes 10 seconds.

When they are all over the place

Every customer knows exactly what they want every time,” said no car person¬†ever. ¬†Pin cars to give them the options you want to show them. ¬†Maybe you talked about a few things over the phone and you want to follow-up with something super-relevant!


What motivates them

We’ll ask them for you because they’ll tell us the truth.

Asking a customer “what payment would you like?” or “how much do you want for your trade?” does not always give you the answer that helps put the deal together. ¬†

If you lie to the computer it does not calculate things in a helpful manner. ¬†So, let us be the “computer” that asks for you.


We call them illuminations. ¬†They’re the clicks a customer makes to tune their payments. ¬†You get to see what they touch as they do it; in realtime.

Is it illuminating or Illuminati to see everything the customer does?

Dummy data shown – don’t lose your mind trying to do math.

 How Big is your Market?

See where your customers are playing with your payments from.  You may be surprised how big your market really is.

Zoom in for more details

Get a very clear understanding of the exact areas you’re hitting – including your competitor’s backyard!

Get to know your customers better

How many customers are looking at my cars and payments?

What are they looking at more?  Cash deals?  Loans?  Or leases?

What do they play with the most?

  • Term?
  • Credit Score?
  • Miles per year?
  • Trade numbers?
  • Down payment?