Touchless Selling

for your CRM

If you are doing home delivery and/or test drives, how are you letting your customers know?



To keep in mind for a modern email

1. On the go

Most emails are read on a mobile device

2. Make it quick!

You only have a few minutes to capture their attention.

2a. This kind of quick

Can the jist of your email be read at a stoplight?



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  • All your cars penciled every day with multiple lenders, taxes, fees, and incentives for leases, loans, and cash purchases
  • Real-time visibility into customer motivations
  • 4x more engagement with your customers



  • BDC to start the lead engagement
  • Enhances your Internet department’s efficiency
  • Operates 7 days a week



  • Payments on your website
  • Engage shoppers on VLPs & VDPs
  • Best payments are found daily without you lowering your price


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