Email templates for touchless sales

illumiQUOTE is the best way to present digital payment and pricing options to a customer who is not physically in your showroom.

Our team will set up email templates that work in YOUR CRM when you use illumiQUOTE.

First quality response

Subject: Shop from home, [Customer First Name]

Hello [Customer Name],

At [Dealership Name], we care deeply about the safety of our customers and staff.  You can buy your car from home. 

To get started, tap the button below to see your personalized price and payment options with all taxes and fees included

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Second quality response

Subject: Did you see this, [Customer First Name]?

Hi [Customer First Name],

Did you see your interactive price & payment options we sent? Here’s the link again so you can safely shop from home. Tap below to see accurate and interactive purchase options to fit your budget. 

Please reply to this email, call, or text me if you have any questions.

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Third quality response

Subject: More [Vehicle Make] options for [Customer First Name]

Hi [Customer First Name],

While shopping for a new vehicle from home, you can check out our full [Vehicle Make] selection with price & payment options including all taxes and fees. Tap below to get started!

Can I send you a video of one of these cars? 

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Fourth quality response

Subject: Shop new & used cars from home

Hi [Customer First Name],

There’s no need to put your car shopping on hold. See our full selection of new and pre-owned vehicles with price and personalized payment options FOR YOU right now by tapping the button below. 

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Other ideas and blasts

We need your car

SUBJECT:  Your [TRADE MAKE] is needed


Due to the virus, the market is not what it used to be. We cannot buy the extra vehicles we need and are now in need of yours.  

Interest rates are the lowest in 10 years making this the best time to buy.  Tap below to find a new car from the comfort of your own home. Prices & payments shown include all fees and taxes, so there will be no surprises when you are ready.  

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All prospects over the last 90 days

SUBJECT:  Car Shopping has changed


The virus sent technological innovation into overdrive and also forced local governments to relax regulations on online car sales.

We now can show you your car payments with all taxes and fees included!  Try it:

Keep an eye on this because rates are changing and rebates are growing.  I’ll send you reminders too.  


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Rates are low

SUBJECT:  Are car rates low?

YES! Banks are hungry for your business and we are all benefiting.  “When banks compete we win” right?  

Take a look at all our cars with taxes and fees included at the BEST rate available today.

Rates can change on a daily basis as banks continue to compete – keep an eye on this.