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30% engagement Guarantee 💰

  • No process changes or hiring needs
  • Fully automated from your CRM
  • HOT leads are sent to your CRM

More Opportunities 🚀

  • Increase market share by identifying new geographic targeting
  • Create more profits with insurance savings
  • Engage shoppers with real offers in all marketing channels

Beat your competition 💪

  • Create trust your competition isn't creating with consistent transparency and exact payment matching
  • Power Facebook and Google ads with offers that get better every time the banks compete while your competition is focused on captives only
  • This is a game-changer you don't want your competition having before you do!

Investment Options


Engage in all channels
  • Feed your marketing with accurate payments
  • Facebook & Instagram, Google Adwords, Youtube, OTT, retargeting, banners, and anywhere your marketing agency can place an add
  • Land customers on the exact offer you are advertising and track their engagement


Payments on your website
  • WEBSITEiQ dynamic payments on your website
  • Real-time analytics on visitor engagement
  • SCRIPTiQ connects your Google Analytics

Future offerings


Let your customers know something relevant has changed on the car(s) they’re interested in.


Looking for ways to engage your service drive consistently?  Give your ROs a way to upgrade their current ride or save money on their car insurance.  

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