The most
engaged leads efficient process automated tools believable attribution
in your sold database, service drive, CRM, BDC, & website

Modern Equity Mining

Automated farming of your sold customers that only focuses your team on engaged buyers


  • Texting offers
  • CRM Integration
  • Used Car Ready

Service Drive Conquest

Get the best trades while promoting a loyal relationship with your service customers


  • Equity offers
  • Digital RO Receipt
  • Automated delivery

Ultimate Lead Response

Focus your team on engaged leads, ensuring time efficiency and higher closing rates


  • CRM Integration
  • FTC Ready
  • OTD Quote

The best phone call to leads

Guarantee your internet leads are being called and an appointment is being asked for


  • U.S. Team
  • Customizable
  • Your CRM used

Best Payments in your Website

Your lenders compete all month – why stick with just one?  Get more leads with better payments!


  • Leases & Loans
  • New & Used Cars
  • FTC Ready

Loan and Lease Payments for Used & New Cars with Incentives stacked right, equity applied, and accurate taxes/fees for all states

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Thomas Eggers

Nyle Maxwell Automotive

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Jennifer Suzuki

eDealer Solutions

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David Friedman

Walls Ford

“Without engagement you can’t sell a car and FRIKINtech delivers engagement in spades”

Kris Cox

Cox Auto Group

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Matthew Haiken

Prestige Collection Auto Group