Generate & Enhance1st Party Leadsfrom dealership service drives, sold databases, CRM, and marketing

Engage customers in the buying, service, and ownership cycle to deliver enhanced leads directly to dealership CRM systems or automotive insurance conversion tools.

Fully Automated with dealership DMS and CRM systems to make your team more efficient.

Fully Automated

live offers & sold deal attribution

trackable QR-coded mail

Landing Pages with real-time equity

Texting included

No Logins Needed

It is time to create leads and appointments instead of lists and cold calls



Other data miners

$2,500 - $7,500/mo. avg

Fully Automated


Optional w/ QR Code tracking
Critical & Expensive
Fully dynamic showing every car they can buy
Customer Experience
Static - read only

Equity on every car
Real-time Equity

Appeal to low funnel shoppers too
Payments in Website

Daily feed of payments and landing pages
Works with your Ad Agency

Average of 1,100 transactable loan & lease payments from unlimited lenders on each car
Payment Flexibility
One Static Payment
Matching to trim level with customer confirmation
Big Pickup trucks
Struggles to match trims
Full tracking of every customer click translated into Digital Body Language
In your CRM
Just a lead notification
Change what cars you want to acquire every day
On-Demand Vehicle Targeting

Every customer has touched an offer
Cold Calls
The only way to make it work

Virtual Call Center

Optional - Made to work with your CRM
Must use their system

Options & Transparency hook more customers

Cast a wider net by giving your customers what they want.  They don't want to be ushered into a tunnel to see payments like other digital retail tools.  They don't want to be stuck on only exploring a newer version of the same model vehicle they're driving right now as some equity mining solutions do.  People want choice!

  • Let your customers see loans, leases, and what a cash deal looks like from multiple lenders.
  • Show them how their trade compares to other vehicles in the market.
  • Let them explore their personal combination of equity and incentives on every vehicle they can buy!


Straight vehicle acquisition percentage of total deals


Street Buys

How many customers come back


Return Visit

How engaged are customers with payments?


Clicks/Taps per visit

How customers react to payments

  • I want a trade appraisal 31% 31%
  • I want to buy this car 30% 30%
  • Different payment in mind 6% 6%
  • Different price in mind 2% 2%

How important is a responsive landing page?


Visit on mobile devices

“The partnership with FRIKINtech has been nothing but remarkable"

Thomas Eggers

Nyle Maxwell Automotive

“FRIKINtech moves fast to modify the product to help dealers move forward in changing markets"

Jennifer Suzuki

eDealer Solutions

“SERVICEiQ is amazing!

It isn't just for acquiring cars, I'm selling warranties with it too!"

David Friedman

Walls Ford

“Without engagement you can't sell a car and FRIKINtech delivers engagement in spades"

Kris Cox

Cox Auto Group

“FRIKINtech builds the sexiest stuff"

Matthew Haiken

Prestige Collection Auto Group

Loan and Lease Payments for Used & New Cars with Incentives stacked right, equity applied, and accurate taxes/fees for all states

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