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Sharks with FRIKIN laser beams on their heads

Sharks with FRIKIN laser beams on their heads

That’s what we want from our #2 employee, Christine Plunkett, as she takes the Marketing Director title. Being the second employee at FRIKINtech, Christine was integral in our early sales, marketing, and operations success. Her natural comfort with car dealers results...

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Rick Gibbs named chairman of the FRIKINboard!

Rick Gibbs named chairman of the FRIKINboard!

Rick Gibbs named chairman of the board at FRIKINtech, Inc., effective July 22nd, 2020. FRIKINtech is short for FRIKTIONLESS technologies and aimed at car dealers who want to automate transparency on their websites and in their CRMs.FRIKINtech is paramount to the...

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  • All your cars penciled every day with multiple lenders, taxes, fees, and incentives for leases, loans, and cash purchases
  • Real-time visibility into customer motivations
  • 4x more engagement with your customers



  • BDC to start the lead engagement
  • Enhances your Internet department’s efficiency
  • Operates 7 days a week



  • Payments on your website
  • Engage shoppers on VLPs & VDPs
  • Best payments are found daily without you lowering your price


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