Have fun

Work sucks if you ain’t! 

If you enjoy the corporate lifestyle and want to chase fancy titles, we would appreciate you giving this website a bounce.  We are here to crush it.  And we don’t care who does it or what your title is.

But we do care about giving people a chance.  We were all green peas (noobs) at one point too. Regardless of your experience level, give us a shout.



The FRIKINmanifesto

You will not be punished for making progress. Mistakes are only punishable if they don't become progress.

Big teams suck. Jeff Bezos thinks a team that needs to eat more than one pizza for lunch is too big. We agree.

Know thy founder. Where geographically possible, each founder has lunch with at least one employee every week.

A meeting doesn’t happen without a founder present, or his permission. Meeting fatigue is real, crippling, and obnoxiously expensive.

Outside work hours are for emails. And emails are to be treated like letters in the mail. Do not expect an immediate response.

Perfect is the enemy of done and so is democracy. Democracy only exists amongst the founders.

The button is always green.

We code Taco Bell style. Few ingredients for a massive menu. Your code needs to be reusable by others for other features.

Central vacuum pencil. At the heart of the dealer/consumer relationship are the numbers. We are building a house that gets cleaned by the numbers.

Earn a 30 day job extension everyday. Broadcast your achievements to the company!

During work hours you are always approachable; unless on PTO. This means you are available for calls, texts, and chats. It also means that you cannot “log out” from your coworkers by putting the headphones on. But put the headphones on because music is awesome.

Automate people out of jobs. The goal of a good engineer is to automate himself out of his job. That doesn't mean you're killing your own job - it helps you to understand we're serious about automation.

We are Steve Jobs-ing the car business. The customer is right often, but not always.

we are currently swinging from the trees in