Helping CDK DMS and eLead CRM dealers after outage from cyberattack to keep selling cars

After a hacker group held CDK’s system hostage for ransom (what has been reported at this time), FRIKINtech dealers were able to utilize the desking solution that automates payments to customers. This was especially useful for eLead CRM stores that lost their penciling/desking capabilities during busy selling weeks.

All FRIKINtech dealers have access to a manual desking solution that auto-calculates taxes, fees, incentives, rebates, leases, loans, and cash deal details.

We had to build a robust pencil solution in order to make accurate payments automate for dealer websites, advertising, CRM lead response, equity, and service drive offers. And to test the accuracy before every launch, we needed to make a manual version.

-Alex Snyder, FRIKINtech CEO

All incentives and rebates are available and built to stack properly for leases and/or loans. On top of that, sales managers are exposed to lending programs they have not used for payment quotes in the past. Most sales managers only use rates from captive lenders, while FRIKINtech exposes the best lending programs for the situation from up to 1,400 lenders.

Dealers utilizing FRIKINtech’s desking capabilities during the CDK breach realize they can do digital desking from a computer screen or tablet instead of using the printer—but the printer works, too!

In light of the data breach for CDK DMS and eLead CRM, we hope dealers will begin to employ a technology diversification strategy. FRIKINtech should be one of those technologies as it can encompass a need the dealer has today while having backup capabilities that other systems may not be able to provide in future ransom attacks.

FRIKINtech is a Fortellis-certified solution, so when systems are back up at CDK, data will flow to automate all systems again.

Written on June 23, 2024

Written by FRIKIN tech

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