Engage your website shoppers with your dynamically changing car payments.  Payments are coming from the best lenders so your payments will get more competitive as banks compete.

Payments integrated into your website

That’s why you’re here.  You want payments for your customers because that’s how they buy cars.  Damn simple if you ask us!

🔮 MAGICAL things happen when you focus on payments instead of price.


Currently integrating with these fine dealership website companies

How to Customize for your dealership


Give your customers some guard rails and select the starting point



Set your leases up to match your way of doing business



Setup a payment range, round, whether you want to hide your price until you know who they are and 🍋 SQUEEZE people to get more leads if you want.


What do you want your payments to look like on your website?


Get them on your website and check your work:

See it now

Try SALESiQ yourself.  The D-tag is already on the back of the car and no driver's license is needed.  Freedom!

Advanced tour

See the advanced functionality with the guidance of our professional sales team.  There is so much more to see.