Real-time equity offers to every eligible service customer sent via email and text

100% Reliable

every eligible customer, every time


technology doesn’t take any days off

No Logins

it’s your screen, you don’t need another one


they service with you, they want to buy from you


communication gaps from customer wants & dealership needs

Buy Cars

control acquisition costs




You pay for a lot of things.  Aggravation shouldn’t be one of them.

1. Repair Order closes in your DMS

2. Real-time EQUITY offer Text & Email sent
3. Leads automatically delivered to your CRM

Jimmy was recently in service and just viewed the SERVICEiQ trade amount and estimated equity offer. Jimmy visited twice.
They spent the most time looking at lease payments, and it looks like the goal was around $644. The sweet spot lease term seems to be 42 months. They believe their credit score is Good.

It looks like they qualify for a “Military” incentive. They also qualify for a “Brand Loyalty” incentive.

They might not be sure what downpayment makes sense to them as they played with down payments up to $3,000. They probably drive 10,000 miles a year.

It looks like they have a 2018 Ford F-150 XLT to trade. They believe the payoff is $24,602, and they want $25,565 for it. They reacted with I want a Trade Appraisal! 🚘

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Sold yet?  Here’s my first pass at a demo.

Communicate with your customers the way you want

→ Email and Text


higher open rate with our emails.
1 out of every 4 opens is a lead!



higher click-through rates with email over CRM automation

Texting crushes snail mail


texting brings IMMEDIATE engagement over snail mail 


when they engage, your CRM is updated

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They just did service in your dealership, and now you’re telling them you want their car.  Duh!  Of course it works


Fewer Unsubscribes than CRM email automation


Increase in Engagement over automated email and text marketing


Faster Turn Rate on cars are sourced from SERVICEiQ


Avg. PROFIT per month per store


Avg. NEW LEAD volume per month


Avg. ROI dealers are seeing on SERVICEiQ

Car guy math… It is like you giving me one cigarette and I give you fourteen back

With ROI like this,  would you be fired if you didn’t see how it worked?

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