Automated EXACT offers on the EXACT vehicle

  • Daily feed of dynamically-changing payments
  • Payments are accurate and repeatable in the showroom
  • Dealer pricing on new and used vehicles
  • Dealer photos of new and used vehicles
  • Can be used for Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Email, OTT, retargeting, display ads, and many more
  • Formatted feed for new Facebook AIA Automation
  • Attribution tracking in SALESiQ

What happens when every ad lands on the right car with the right offer?

Believable Google Adwords are more compelling over the typical $299 manufacturer lease specials people typically see.

And customers land on the EXACT offer!

If you want people to stop arguing about politics or posting vaccine photos on Facebook, show them real car payments.

And then retarget them through your Facebook pixel.

Need to find your own ads on Facebook to see what your ad agency is doing?  Facebook’s Ad Library is your ticket.

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