Digital Marketing

For Marketing Agencies of Car Dealerships

Digital Marketing agencies for car dealerships need the right payment on the right car for the automotive advertisements that convert.  AGENCYiQ feeds the best payment on every car the dealer has in stock with all the disclaimer details needed to stay compliant.  

Responsive landing pages are also included.

Engage the right customer with the right car


Daily feed of dynamically changing payments


Payments are the same in the dealership showroom

New & Used

Loan & Lease payments on New & Used Vehicles

Landing Pages

All ads can be linked directly to a responsive landing page for each vehicle with all the payment options


Attribution reporting down to the sale with DMS feed

Best Car Payment for advertising

Advertising cars is a struggle when determining which vehicle works best as the “ad car” each month.  Instead of relying on a sales or finance manager to figure out the best payment, take a look at how easy it is to find the “ad car” without needing the expertise of desking car deals.

Google Paid Search Ad

Power your Google SEM with payments that drop a customer directly on a landing page for conversion.  The landing page contains all the details of the payment and both the ad and landing page will show the best payment for today!

Facebook Vehicle Inventory

Connect Facebook to drive car shopping customers to vehicle landing pages with today’s best payment.  Convert in-market shoppers on Facebook into car buyers.  Show them full payments and pricing with taxes, fees, and tags included (as shown below) or have the option to reveal total pricing until the customer has submitted a lead.

Engage Everywhere














This is part of FRIKINtech’s SALESiQ product line that comes with payments for your website, automated CRM lead response, and a payment feed for your advertising agency.

WEBSITEiQ adds loan and lease payments to your website with the option to use taxes and fees as a hook for a new lead

AUTOMATED LEAD RESPONSE brings new templates to your CRM for engaging new leads and bringing your older leads back to life

AGENCYiQ is a daily feed of the best payment and landing pages for every car in your inventory to make automated digital ads with

There is so much more!  Tell us what you're interested in.