SALESiQ is Digital Conquesting

We crunch payments on all your cars every night to come up with approximately 500 financial paths for each vehicle. Then we integrate those payments into your sales assets to captivate shoppers and capture their intent. Your team learns how to quickly close profitable deals.


Captivate customers with real payments they will believe. People are compelled to click on honest ads. When they do they’ll see the actual offer on that car.


Inject accurate payments on every car you stock with incentives applied correctly so the desk can repeat that payment when the customer walks in.


Automate lead response for consistent customer engagement.  Then capture their buying motivations to confidently call for the appointment.


When you present the same payment on your first pass that they saw in your digital marketing, on your website, and in your emails they don’t negotiate as hard… or at all.

After Sale

Bring customers back as they see equity in their loan or are approaching the end of their lease.
Help them keep their car in warranty and offer used cars too.


 Automate mining into your service drive.  Get your customers to raise their hands instead of sending your people after them.  Acquire more trades while supply is short.

Digital Retailing Paperworking

In 2020, we were told to put a BUY NOW button on the website.  Customers were ready to buy online with a digital retail paperwork tool and we only needed to sit back and wait for the deals.  Um… yeah.

Buy now buttons are scary when you’re not ready to buy.

Customers need to be nurtured from an online shopper to an in-store buyer.  Without a conversation with a sales person, most customers will not go through the car purchase process on their own.  They will go through a digital process with the guidance of a dealership representative.  This is exactly how Vroom and Carvana do it. 

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I’m ready to see it!

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The Magic is in

your CRM

Magic Link integrations

are automagically firing from these CRMs

The big

Green Go Button

ignites a world customers have never experienced before.  It is a place that answers the most complex of their car-buying questions.

It works exactly like a car deal…

Present the numbers, shut up ? and wait for their reaction.

Once you know their reaction you know where to go next ?


included with SALESiQ

Saturate all your Marketing Channels with more magic

It all integrates into your digital marketing, website, and CRM to inject accurate payments everywhere your customers are.

Google Adwords

Ensure the click by including real payments in your Paid Search ads.  Then land them on that exact payment!


When people see true payments they stop arguing about politics. The photos of their last meal disappear and they are compelled to tap on your ad.

And you can automate payments into AIA too.

Other places to put

the Magic Link









The goal is to make

 Cherry Leads

Target customers that are going to buy this month and know exactly how to sell them

And get Cherry Leads in your CRM

Takes SALESiQ to the next level with these additions