“I can always depend on FRIKINtech’s automation and accuracy, so nothing falls through the cracks.”

Paul Willits

Internet Director, Alamo Toyota

Alamo Toyota averages 258 leads per month from FRIKINtech

“Our first FRIKINtech deal was an expiring lease customer my sales team marked as not interested four months before his lease expiration. The day after that customer received the offer through FRIKINtech he was in the showroom buying a car.”

Adam Beckmann

General Sales Manager, Planet Hyundai

Planet Hyundai sold their first deal 2 days after launching 

“I’m making FRIKINtech my number 1 source for street buys.”

Todd Robinson

General Manager, College Station Nissan

College Station Nissan averages 10 acquistions per month through automation 

“Our customers constantly mention how easy it is to use the payments in the FRIKINtech tool.”

Chris Sandy

Internet Manager, Phil Long Hyundai

Phil Long Hyundai averages 113 leads per month from FRIKINtech

“FRIKINtech influences anyone who clicks on the link, plants the seed in their mind and get’s the customer in market.

The automated branding influence alone is worth the price!”

Larry Tomlinson

Sales Manager, Kyle Durrence Chevrolet, Buick, GMC

Kyle Durrence has averaged a 27X ROI on FRIKINtech leads each month

“We have never successfully been able to mine our service drive without ticking off our busy service customers or demoralizing our staff until we automated it all with FRIKINtech.”

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“The leads come into my CRM and my people actually know what to do with them!”

Your Name

Your Title, Your Dealership

“I never have to worry about our service drive being mined the wrong way anymore.”


NEED, Stephen Wade Toyota

Stephen Wade Toyota averages 398 leads per month

“Sadly, it took me over a year to jump on FRIKINtech, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long! This product is FRIKIN awesome!”

Herb Anderson

CEO, DT Vendor Management

DT Vendor Management is also the DealerTalk Podcast and manages many dealer groups

“The partnership with FRIKINtech has been nothing but remarkable”

Thomas Eggers

Nyle Maxwell Automotive

“FRIKINtech moves fast to modify the product to help dealers move forward in changing markets”

Jennifer Suzuki

eDealer Solutions

“SERVICEiQ is amazing!”

David Friedman

Walls Ford

“Without engagement you can’t sell a car and FRIKINtech delivers engagement in spades”

Kris Cox

Cox Auto Group

“FRIKINtech builds the sexiest stuff”

Matthew Haiken

Prestige Collection Auto Group