SALESiQ is illumiQUOTE

Focus your team on more responsive leads that are ready to buy

100% Reliable

a perfectly presented pencil every time


technology doesn’t take any days off

No Logins

it’s your screen, you don’t need another one


multiply the number of leads you can talk to


communication gaps from customer wants & dealership needs

FTC Ready

all the compliance all the time

The big

Green Go Button

ignites a world customers have never experienced before.  It is a place that answers the most complex of their car-buying questions.

It works exactly like a car deal…

Present the numbers, shut up, and wait for their reaction.

Once you know their reaction, you know where to go next.

Automated  integrations are firing from these CRMs

Digital Body Language

When your customer plays, we track everything they do.  Then we translate their buying motivations into your CRM to help your team know where to go next.

When you have digital body language, you have a real customer!

Lead received
11:06 a
By: System
Sandra visited twice. It looks like they are looking at your 2022 VW Jetta with stock number #OU812 and 2022 VW Passat #OU856.
They spent the most time looking at loan payments, and it looks like the goal was around $544. The sweet spot loan term seems to be 72 months. They believe their credit score is Good.
It looks like they qualify for a “Military” incentive.
They might not be sure what downpayment makes sense to them as they played with down payments up to $6,500. They probably drive 15,000 miles a year.
They reacted with "I want to BUY THIS CAR!" 🤩 on #OU812.
Source: FRIKINtech - (SALESiQ)

Stop wasting time on unresponsive leads.  Engage more to sell more.

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