A virtual BDC for your dealership to work alongside your internet department or sales floor.

BDCiQ works inside your CRM so you do not need to change your processes.  Our mission is to find and engage the shoppers who are ready to go, so your team isn’t wasting time on bad leads.

In Your CRM

We work inside your CRM with you.  We add call notes and customer contact history inside your own CRM.


Sized for you

One size does not fit all, so choose how many leads you need us to handle.

24/7 Stop the Clock

We will call every new lead within 30 minutes and log the outcome in your CRM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Open on Sunday

That's right.  We can work your leads 7 days a week.


If you have managers that don't check the CRM regularly (who doesn't) we can send appointment notifications directly to them.

Results from Q1 of 2021

Based on 20,823 leads worked in Q1 of 2021

under 20 minutes

Lead Response rate.  Leads can be responded to 24/7


Appointment Created Rate

And when we aren’t scheduling appointments we are teeing-up follow up calls for your team to handle with real buyers!


Connected with leads on the phone within 1 week of the lead coming in


Efficiency rate on all first & third party leads

Half the leads most dealers get are bad, and you don’t even know it.  14% are not shopping for a car at all.  How much time is your Internet team wasting?  How inefficient are they?


All calls are made from the United States

Not India, Guatemala, or California …California is still part of the U.S. right?

Our people

Car Biz only

We are focused 100% on retailing cars.  Our staff knows how to handle the objection and go for the appointment.

BDC Relief

Let us concentrate on figuring out which leads are worth your BDC's time.  We can free-up your current BDC to do more!

3 years

The average experience, per agent, as an automotive-focused BDC superstar is 3 years.  Can you hire that experience in your market?

Floor Relief

Are your salespeople handling your leads?  Well, we know why you're here.  Just fill in the form below ⬇

There is only one thing left to do