Virtual BDC

Pay as you go Call Center

Work your leads through a professional automotive call center that can work alongside your sales team or current BDC agents or be your entire internet lead follow-up team or BDC department.

Virtual BDC Packages you can choose

Internet Lead Response

Follow-up with your dealership's Internet leads with up to 4 calls, 4 text messages, and 7 emails. And we'll even stop the clock with your OEM!

Service Appointment Setting

Route your inbound service appointment phone number to us and we will schedule those appointments to keep your service writers free to work with customers whose vehicles are already there.

Inbound or Outbound Call Campaigns for Marketing

Bring your dead leads back to life, or call your lease turn-in customers or anyone who hasn't used your service department in a while. We can make 3 phone attempts and leave voicemails to whomever you want us to call. We can answer your inbound marketing campaigns as well.

Outbound Call Campaign for Marketing

Route your incoming to calls to our call center and we will make sure all your calls are answered! We will route them to the appropriate party in your store.


All calls are made from the United States

Not India, Guatemala, or Costa Rica

Car Biz Only

Virtual call center agents are 100% focused on automotive retail


Customized for you

One size does not fit all, so choose which lead sources to answer, what times, or what time of day

24/7 Stop the Clock

We will call every new lead 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Open on Sunday

That’s right.  We can work your leads 7 days a week

Stay Informed

Notifications to your managers to keep them up to date on appointments

Hablamos Español

Bi-lingual agents are available for Spanish-speaking customers

There is so much more!  Tell us what you're interested in.