Virtual BDC to make sure your customers are spoken to and an appointment is asked for


the calls will be made

Your CRM

see the progress made where you already look

On Demand

turn it off/on/up/down as you need


adaptable for your store

In Your CRM

We work inside your CRM with you.  We add call notes and customer contact history inside your own CRM.


Customized for you

One size does not fit all, so choose which lead sources to answer, what times, or what time of day.

24/7 Stop the Clock

We will call every new lead within 30 minutes and log the outcome in your CRM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Open on Sunday

That's right.  We can work your leads 7 days a week.

Stay Informed

If you have managers that don't check the CRM regularly (who doesn't) we can send appointment notifications directly to them.

Hablamos Español

Bi-lingual agents are available for Spanish-speaking customers.

How do we compare to you?

Enter your last month’s numbers below to see if we can have helped you go farther.


All calls are made from the United States

Not India, Guatemala, or California …California is still part of the U.S. right?

Our people

Car Biz only

We are focused 100% on retailing cars.  Our staff knows how to handle the objection and go for the appointment.

BDC Relief

Let us concentrate on figuring out which leads are worth your BDC’s time.  We can free-up your current BDC to do more!

3 years

The average experience, per agent, as an automotive-focused BDC superstar is 3 years.  Can you hire that experience in your market?

Floor Relief

Are your salespeople handling your leads?  Ah!  That explains why you’re here.