Automated Internet Lead Response

Automate your dealership’s internet lead response with personalized quotes for every customer.  No need to touch the desk for a quote!

Integrates directly with your CRM.


Automated lead response works with these CRMs

How does it work


Insert the special templates into your CRM


Emails send to your leads from your CRM


Customers interact with their personalized quote


Digital Body Language is sent back to your CRM

Lead received
11:06 a
By: System
Sandra visited twice. It looks like they are looking at your 2022 VW Jetta with stock number #OU812 and 2022 VW Passat #OU856.
They spent the most time looking at loan payments, and it looks like the goal was around $544. The sweet spot loan term seems to be 72 months. They believe their credit score is Good.
It looks like they qualify for a “Military” incentive.
They might not be sure what downpayment makes sense to them as they played with down payments up to $6,500. They probably drive 15,000 miles a year.
They reacted with "I want to BUY THIS CAR!" ? on #OU812.
Source: FRIKINtech - (SALESiQ)


You know exactly how to schedule this appointment

Stop wasting time on unresponsive leads


This is part of FRIKINtech’s SALESiQ product line that comes with payments for your website, automated CRM lead response, and a payment feed for your advertising agency.

WEBSITEiQ adds loan and lease payments to your website with the option to use taxes and fees as a hook for a new lead

AUTOMATED LEAD RESPONSE brings new templates to your CRM for engaging new leads and bringing your older leads back to life

AGENCYiQ is a daily feed of the best payment and landing pages for every car in your inventory to make automated digital ads with

There is so much more!  Tell us what you're interested in.