Payments in Dealership Websites

Show your website visitors accurate loan and lease payments on your dealership website on new and used vehicles.

Integrate a full payment details page with extra hooks to generate new leads from your online shoppers.

FTC CARS Rules Ready

The FTC is asking for any payment or price quote to show the term, money down, rate, and total amount financed.  They also want the full payment details within one click.

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All new for 2024

Introducing an industry first!

Get more leads by giving customers who submit a lead the total out-the-door price and payment.  FRIKINtech is the first dealership technology provider to bring accurate loan and lease payments on every car with all national and regional incentives that can show taxes & fees for every equity, vehicle weight, luxury price, and engine type situation in the United States.

We are taking advantage by giving you a more worthy call to action! 

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Seamlessly integrates with these dealership website solutions

Customer Value

Giving your customers transparency

Let’s face it: our shoppers don’t trust us.  There are some bad apples who do not disclose certain fees and try to hide their actual price.  And there is very little technology that can accurately show an out the door number because taxes can get wild.  

When you use FRIKINtech’s WEBSITEiQ, you can give your customers a totally different experience they can trust!  And you should advertise that.  

Here’s an example of an ad you could do.

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Accurate Loan & Lease Payments

Before your store goes live, we work directly with your sales management team to ensure loans and leases match what they would show a customer in the showroom.  When payments change from the internet to the showroom, you get upset customers.  And to retain the sale, you’re giving up gross.  Accuracy is critical in a payment platform!

Incentives & Rebates

Every month, national and regional new car incentives are updated automatically.

New & Used Car Leases

Leases come from every lender you work with!  That way the customer can be enticed by the lowest lease payment and not just what the captive published at the beginning of the month.  Remember, non-captives keep competing throughout the month.  

Used car leases are always available when the used car meets your lenders’ guidelines.

Taxes & Fees

You can choose who you want to show all local taxes and fees to.  Show them to every website visitor if you wish, but we suggest using it as a hook to generate fresh leads.  

Over 1,400 lenders

The number of lenders you can use is HUGE!  The only two captives missing are Ferrari and Lamborghini, but most of those dealers like to use Chase instead.

Averaging over 1,000 payment options

Every car in your inventory has a specific payment program with each of your lenders for every down payment, term, mileage option (leases), and credit tier.  This exponentially multiplies the number of payments we store on every single car you have.  

And the lender program identifier is easy to find on each payment.   

Nightly updates

We check every lender and incentive every night.  This isn’t a once-a-month thing.  You’re always going to have the latest payment programs and rebates.


This is part of FRIKINtech’s SALESiQ product line that comes with payments for your website, automated CRM lead response, and a payment feed for your advertising agency.

WEBSITEiQ adds loan and lease payments to your website with the option to use taxes and fees as a hook for a new lead

AUTOMATED LEAD RESPONSE brings new templates to your CRM for engaging new leads and bringing your older leads back to life

AGENCYiQ is a daily feed of the best payment and landing pages for every car in your inventory to make automated digital ads with

There is so much more!  Tell us what you're interested in.