Spencer Beckstead joins FRIKINtech as CRO

As the crow flies, a CRO gets his wings. Yeah, that’s how the old saying goes, right? Whatever saying comes with the Chief Revenue officer title Spencer Beckstead is taking it at FRIKINtech!

“From the moment I heard how Spencer was pitching FRIKINtech, within his own dealer group, I knew there was something special about how his brain worked,” said Alex Snyder, CEO of FRIKINtech. Alex continued “when the opportunity to hire Spencer came up it was time to make sure he was able to affect all aspects of our company as the Chief Revenue Officer. He rounds out our leadership team.”

Spencer spent the last 13 years within the Larry H. Miller Automotive Group in Salt Lake City, Utah. The majority of that time was as the Senior Vice President of advertising and marketing within the Saxton Horne Communications division.

Spencer has a unique ability to translate the complexities of software into easy bites for a car dealer to chew on. At Larry H. Miller, he grew comfortable working with OEMs and spearheading special programs with organizations like Google and Facebook. He was able to grow those special programs into successful ventures by showing dealership staff the benefits of bending the process to get those programs off the ground.

“Fortunately for Spencer FRIKINtech products are much more baked than the OEM and advertising betas he spent so much time building support for,” says Tom Harsha, COO of FRIKINtech. “I am excited to see his talents unleashed on better telling our story” continues Tom.

Spencer has degrees in Economics and Business from the University of Utah to help his drive in growing revenues. He will continue to work from Salt Lake City where he lives with his wife Kimberly and their children.

Written on April 4, 2022

Written by FRIKIN tech

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