Tom Harsha named COO and a 30-year automotive veteran gets the FRIKIN opportunity of a lifetime

“There are two people who, on the day I met them, shared my fanatical interest in improving the automotive industry. Both possessed the attitude, aptitude, and ability to speak deeply about automotive, to really carry an interesting conversation, and most importantly, formulate strategic plans of how to achieve positive change. One is our Chairman of the Board, Rick Gibbs, the other, I’m pleased to announce today is our Chief Operations Officer, Tom Harsha.”  – Alex Snyder, FRIKINtech CEO & co-founder

Tom Harsha is a 30-year veteran of the Automotive Industry with 15 years of dealership experience. Harsha spent the last 15 years working for automotive vendors supporting dealers and OEM’s. 

Tom’s unique ability to translate automotive challenges into usable processes and software solutions that optimize the purchase experience for customers and dealers. Harsha also has a deep passion for building teams, training, and mentoring young leaders in the automotive industry.

Tom met fellow FRIKINtech founder and partner Alex Snyder while training the Checkered Flag Automotive Group on a new CRM solution where Alex was the eCommerce Director.  Both believe it was that day, in 2006 when FRIKINtech truly started.

Harsha and Snyder joined forces briefly at when Tom was hired to consult on the CRM project. That was when Tom met Rick Gibbs and the third FRIKINtech founder, Jack Mazurkiewicz.  All four have a common bond in wanting to help dealer’s realize where technology can improve their process and make them more money.  FRIKINtech was born from a shared vision to reduce complexity and remove friction from the purchase experience for the dealer and the customer. It is a vision forged in years of dealership experience.

Tom Harsha will be full time as COO and co-founder at FRIKINtech. He will oversee sales and business development with a focus on OEM partnerships and client services. Harsha will draw on his years of automotive experience leading CRM and Telephony companies to quickly grow FRIKINtech solutions nationwide.

Dealers have been searching for a solution over the last 20 years that could help significantly increase lead engagement and conversion. Internet lead engagement has remained low due to the complexity of multiple websites, CRM, lead, and digital marketing solutions that do not integrate. To make things more challenging, customer communications have also been limited to basic phone, email, and text solutions that are not optimized to the actual real-time customer buying cycles. The suite of solutions built by FRIKINtech was designed to integrate with all dealer solutions to optimize results and increase lead engagement to unthought-of levels.

The original FRIKINtech team from left to right: Tom Harsha, Kathryn Harsha, Alex Snyder, Jack Mazurkiewicz, Jessica Snyder, John Quinn (back), Christine Plunkett, and Casey Sullivan.

Written on October 5, 2020

Written by FRIKIN tech

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