Phone Up Game Part 6: The Solution

How’s your dealership phone up game?

If you’ve followed along this far, you’re either realizing there’s some truth to this math or you’re just amused to see where this is going next. 

Let’s recap the last 5 parts:

  • Every lead you get comes from your marketing efforts. Marketing = money spent.
  • Primary areas where you’re losing leads and wasting marketing dollars:
    • Unanswered inbound phone calls (23%)
    • Leads not entered into the CRM (13.3%)
    • Leaving people on hold too long resulting in hang ups (40%)
    • Not asking for the appointment (63%)
    • Lack of follow-up within one week (67.3%)
  • When we ran the numbers against a Facebook Click to Call Campaign that produced 550 inbound calls, the total campaign profit loss was $1,477,817 for the year.

Marketing did their job – they produced leads. And it has nothing to do with the budget, although the knee jerk reaction is to cut the budget because some dealers blindly look at the wrong problem. The problem is your people. You either don’t have enough of them, or the ones you have need better training, or they are just lazy. I’ll let you decide which bucket to lump yours into.

Part 6: The solution

Did you know FRIKINtech can answer the phones for you? 

Simply route the campaign or dealership number to our expert team of automotive BDC professionals and we’ll answer every call and alert you to every call-in opportunity. Viola! No calls dropped or sent to a generic voicemail when your team is busy, no missed opportunities in the CRM; just a pleasant experience from real, live automotive professionals and EVERY opportunity from your marketing efforts captured. In most cases, you can even set your call-in number to route to our team on the 2nd or 3rd ring to give your team first crack at answering before it routes to our team.

Did you know FRIKINtech can follow-up on leads and set appointments for you? 

Our 10-day follow-up program ensures every lead gets touched by phone, text, and email. We also offer a special campaign calling service to follow-up with 3 phone calls.

I can hear you already saying, “I don’t have the budget for that.” My question back to you is can you really afford to lose $1,477,817 per year? Even if your team is halfway better than the stats I shared, you’re still losing over half a million dollars lost per year! And that’s just off once marketing campaign.

You do have the budget – get outside the box! You’re forgetting FRIKINtech people were car people just like you! We know this game and we know how to make money.

FRIKINtech’s Virtual Reception and BDC lead follow-up solutions are a far more cost-effective approach than spending time interviewing, hiring and training more people (yes, this solution is less than the monthly salary of ONE person and we’re giving you a team of 50+). We can be an extension of your team, or we can be your entire BDC team. It’s your dealership and you’re in control; we’re just here to help.

The Facebook Click to Call Campaign would have cost you approximately $4,950 to answer the phones; $4,400 if you just wanted us to follow-up on the 550 leads for 10-days; or $2,750 if you just wanted us to touch them with 3 phone calls. In either case, each option is less than the salary of 1 person to get better results and more profits.

We can also set appointments on your SERVICEiQ and EQUITYiQ leads. Add-on pricing starts at $399 for up to 100 lead follow-ups.

Ready to get peace of mind knowing your marketing dollars are going to good use and your shoppers are taken care of in a timely manner to increase profits? Call us at 833-374-5468 to get your free evaluation and quote.

Written on September 20, 2023

Written by Cassie Crampton

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