Target the cars you want

For too long, dealers have been data mining solely on what customers they can hit. With average sold databases of 22,000 customers and 1,100 service repair orders closing each month, there are too many customers to hit in a single 30-day window.

Dealers need to acquire the best used cars. We all know those are the cars we sold and the ones using our service department. Our loyal customers are the ones driving the best cars!

Why not target the best cars those loyal customers are driving today? With EQUITYiQ, you can.

EQUITYiQ automates the process of hunting down the cars you want to hit by allowing you to say which cars you want to go after. You can set the age limits of those vehicles, the mileage limits, and how deep into the negative equity estimates you want to go.

If you’re a Ford store in New England, your top-performing used cars might be the F-150 and Focus. So, dive deeper into the customers who may be a bit more upside down because you can take a bigger swing at an Actual Cash Value (ACV) for those models. While not diving so deep into something like a Mustang.

The beauty of EQUITYiQ is that you can tune to your wants. And you can tune daily. You no longer have to wait for a data mining tool to crunch the numbers once a month. If you get a new incentive, change it that day. If your owner is a few units away from winning a cruise, change it that day. It is all automated and you don’t have to wait.

This is what happens when car dealers build technology for car dealers.

Written on April 13, 2023

Written by Alex Snyder

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