You should intimidate women

Today is international women’s day and we’d like to help car dealers celebrate by intimidating women.

We hear women love visiting car dealerships. There is nothing better than getting confused about payments and hearing all the technical specifications on cars. Sitting in the showroom waiting for the sales manager to approve something is fun too – when else can a lady catch up on her Instagram feed?

In the waiting area, it is always a relief to see the latest edition of Road & Track or Car and Driver are available! Those magazines are so much better because a Kardashian is never in it – the break from celebrity gossip is a welcome one.

Black coffee is a big win too! The older and colder the better.

Dealerships are intimidating to any and all, but especially so for women. On international women’s day why not turn things around fellas? Empower your female shoppers by allowing them to shop from somewhere other than the dealership. Give them actual payments they can choose from without needing a Ph.D. in car buying. Give them illumiQUOTE to illuminate their experience with you.

Sure, test drives still need to happen at the store, but the numbers can happen at Starbucks with a skinny Venti something instead of some old black cheap crap. illumiQUOTE removes the friktion from car buying in so many ways. Removing the intimidation factor is a big first step to a better customer experience.

Written on March 8, 2019

Written by Christine Plunkett

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