Third Base Coach: Chris Latta Joins FRIKINtech

Third Base Coach: Chris Latta Joins FRIKINtech

When the up-bus unloads, often at least one of the passengers is the customer’s third base coach. Well, it’s time to level the playing field. Introducing FRIKIN Dealer Third Base Coach, Chris Latta.  Drawing from his extensive, decades-long success in...
Honest Urgency for Car Dealers

Honest Urgency for Car Dealers

Now is the best time to buy a new car. We’ve been saying it for years trying to drum up a sense of urgency for car shoppers. Well now, it’s true. For need-based buyers, the window may be closing to purchase a vehicle as dealers nationwide are facing...
How to Sell Cars During an Outbreak

How to Sell Cars During an Outbreak

In addition to our shared personal concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, car dealers, understandably, are also worried about the potential impact on sales in the coming weeks and months. When foot traffic slows, how are we supposed to keep in-market car shoppers...
Car Shopping: A Fable

Car Shopping: A Fable

Bev and Pete were shopping for a new vehicle. Like all smart consumers, they began their vehicle search online. With guidance from Google, Facebook, and few review sites, they narrowed down their contenders. Pete wanted a pickup and Beverly, a minivan (Dad never stood...


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