Staahhp! Everyone hates questions

I don’t care if it’s your toddler, your spouse, or your boss, NO ONE likes to be asked a million questions in rapid fire succession. So why does every digital retail tool instantly slap the customer in the face with a barrage of questions? 

Got me. ?‍♀️

Instead of greeting a curious car shopper with 37 questions like: 

Do you plan to finance or pay cash?
Do you want to see lease or loan payments?
What’s your credit score?
How many months do you plan to own the car?
How many miles do you drive per month?
Do you have a trade?
What’s your favorite dinosaur?
What’s your favorite non-pornographic magazine?
What’s your mother’s maiden name? … etc

How about we *gasp* give the consumer some quick, easy information that answers their most urgent questions FIRST and then let them reveal the information they:
A. know, and
B. want to disclose to you, at their own pace. Crazy idea right?

The dark tunnel of automotive digital retail is such a horrible design that it results in astronomically high abandonment rates. Customers get excited at the promise of learning what their monthly payments will be, only to be disappointed and, frankly, annoyed by the seemingly endless questions. Of course, dealers don’t know how many people are aggressively clicking the “Close” button on their DR tools because they aren’t tracked. 

Here’s a better way. Let’s show the dealer every customer that enters the tool. Let’s track every click, tap, touch, type, etc., to generate a clear picture of who is on the other side of the lead form. Let’s SHOW THE DEALER every behavior and track the customers’ digital body language to learn their motivations and concerns instead of playing 20 questions straight out of the gate. 

Abandonment rates are WAY lower and the customer experience is WAY better. Dealers are happy, customers are happy, the cars get sold quicker so we’ll assume they’re happy too. 

See how dealers talk to 4x more customers with SALESiQ now. 

Written on April 21, 2021

Written by Christine Plunkett

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