Empower your people

Studies have shown that employees who feel empowered are happier, healthier and stay at their place of employment longer. The same can be said when shoppers feel empowered; they are happier and will likely give you repeat business and great word of mouth referrals.

So why, in 2021, are we still forcing our salespeople to go to the tower for numbers? 

For your sales team, this takes them away from the shopper, which leaves plenty of time for the shopper to second guess their decision. And let’s be honest, sometimes waiting at the tower for numbers can be an excruciating long time for salespeople and shoppers alike. 

Meanwhile, anxiety starts to form for the shopper because their last experience in a dealership was 4 hours long, with most of that time spent waiting and negotiating. Shoppers are already envisioning being screwed by the first run of numbers and are prepping for battle as soon as the salesperson steps away “to talk to their manager”.

Earth to Tower…you’re doing it wrong!

When you empower your team with all the tools they need to get the shopper into the perfect car with the perfect payment, different outcomes happen and you change the entire shopping experience for the customer.

With illumiQUOTE, you can do exactly that.

1) On the sales floor, give them a tablet with an illumiquote.com log in and book mark the page. 

2) Then, let them start a conversation about the goals of the shopper to narrow down the exact inventory that falls into the shopper’s parameters on the listing page:

3) Now, empower the shopper. Once they land on a car and fall in love with it, give them the tablet and let them start playing with payment options.

4) Empower your sales team to act as a consultant by soft selling F&I programs, entering the trade equity and applying any additional incentives the shopper qualifies for.

5) Eureeka! Tower, we have a deal that everyone loves and it didn’t take all day in the dealership, nor did it require any negotiation, and it’s the deal that’s going to make the dealership the most profit. WINNING!

6) Now your salesperson can print out the summary for the shopper and walk them over to F&I to finish the deal.

Salesperson = Happy.    Shopper = Happy.    F&I = Happy. 

Tower, now you’ve got more time to focus on other things, making you more productive throughout the day. I’d call that = Happy.

Written on August 26, 2021

Written by Cassie Crampton

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