Nyle Maxwell success with FRIKINtech

“The partnership with FRIKINtech has been nothing but remarkable,” said Thomas Eggers, Platform Digital Director at Nyle Maxwell Automotive and Stellantis National Dealer Council Member. Thomas was on a mission to find a solution that integrated with the dealership’s process and technology to convert customers from the service department into sales.

Thomas Eggers of Nyle Maxwell shares his experience with FRIKINtech’s SERVICEiQ.

SERVICEiQ by FRIKINtech is the industry-leading solution that automatically gives customers an offer to buy their vehicle, with real-time values that a customer can elect to sell the car outright or roll the equity into another vehicle on the lot. Due to the proprietary technology, SERVICEiQ integrates with all dealership technologies, CRM, DMS, Inventory Feeds, Financial Institutions, & OEM incentives to be able to provide a customer with penny certain payments that are unique to their situation.

Nyle Maxwell first deployed the technology at their Killeen location. “Lucy Skirvin (Internet Director) is a phenomenal talent, and her staff was the perfect choice to vet this technology. The results in the first 30 days were enough for us to make the decision to enroll the remaining stores and sign up for the sales product as well,” said Thomas Eggers.

SALESiQ by FRIKINtech, allows a dealership to communicate with customers out of their CRM, giving control to the recipient to tell the dealer what their terms are to buy a car. Because of the proprietary technology, dealerships are allowed to set guardrails on the terms, so no matter what the customer signals, it is terms that dealership will be able to accept. A first of its kind, taking the conversation from negotiation to documentation and speeding up the sales cycle.

Integration, automation, and domination are three pillars that FRIKINtech stands on when dealerships deploy the technology. The data speaks for itself. For Nyle Maxwell Automotive:

  • Since June of 2022 Nyle Maxwell has seen a 17x ROI on the investment
  • 7 Days is the time it has taken from offer clicked to direct trade
  • 14 Days is the average time a trade sits on the lot before it is sold to another buyer
  • 653 leads have been brought back from being “dead”
  • 36% Open rate on offers sent
  • 9% Click thru rate on all offers

“This is technology that every dealer in America needs. Why? Because it flat works! No brain damage, just results,” said Eggers.

SERVICEiQ and SALESiQ (soon to be released EQUITYiQ) by FRKINtech are available nationwide and integrate with all OEMs and technology to automatically generate results.

Written on September 12, 2022

Written by FRIKIN tech

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