Introducing the first ever

Equity Engagement Engine

Own your 1st party data

 Repair Order data is analyzed daily

  Text every eligible service customer with an offer to upgrade

  All activity is tracked and alerted in your CRM

It is all automated… cheers

Service Drive Equity Mining

Why mine the service drive

More Leads

The average service department generates 30 repair orders per day with more than half qualifying for an upgrade offer.


Up to 60% of service customers did not buy the car they’re servicing from that store.


They already trust your dealership with service. Customers prefer to buy from the dealership where they service.

Best Trades

The best place to find high quality, low mileage trade ins is in your own service drive.

Used Car Factory

Customers already know this is the best time to sell their car to you, and some are going to want to sell their vehicle to you flat out.

How does it work?

Analyze your daily repair orders

We utilize a proprietary SERVICEiQ algorithm influenced by dealer defined preferences for equity, age of vehicle and frequency to generate custom invites.

Text Customer with custom equity offer

Your customer receives a text that is personalized to them from your store.  Because they just did service with you, your dealership name is already top of mind.

SERVICEiQ Algorithm

TradePending aggregates used car values in your local market and we check the value with them before sending the text.  Estimations are done on payoff from the year of the car, the milage on the car, and the date it was sold (when available).

Trade values powered by

Personalized Landing Page

We know who they are and what they’re driving.  All the information is pre-filled to be as simple and enticing as possible.

The customer is asked to verify that’s their car and TradePending market values help guide them into a realistic trade allowance.

Squeeze Jacket

It isn’t a lead form!  We are introducing progressive lead squeezing to the automotive industry.

We give the customer what they want immediately and then entice them to give more data to get their payment more accurate. Like a building a deal jacket… Squeeze Jacket.

Payments include equity on every vehicle in real time

Every car you can offer them is shown with $0 down, sorted by the lowest payment, starting with the vehicles that most closely represent what they’re driving now.  And their EQUITY is applied to EVERY CAR!

Everything they ever wanted

  • Shop by payment & features
  • Compare New and Used Cars
  • New & Used car leasing
  • Rebates are properly stacked
  • Taxes & Registration Fees applied automatically
  • Up to 1,400 lenders with best one automatically selected

Introducing the first ever mDrive integration with Market Scan.

Track every text open and conversion in your CRM with Digital Body Language

We capture every click and translate it into actionable information your sales team can use.  When your sales people follow-up they have a much more relevant conversation the customer appreciates.

Cindy returned to the site three times. They spent the most time looking at loan payments and it looks like the goal was around $342. The sweet spot loan term seems to be 72 months. They believe their credit score is Okay. They went straight to the $2,000 down payment option. It looks like they have a “2011 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon to trade. They believe the payoff is $19,800, and they want $22,781 for it. They reacted with I want to see it! 😃.

CRM Integration

🍒 Cherry pick the leads that fire into your CRM.  You set how engaged you want your leads before we send them to your CRM.  Because we’re going to generate a lot of leads!

Replace these old school mining solutions

Send the Greenpea!

He’s got his Dunkin’ coffee and is ready to ask those customers (who just want to get to their service advisor) “Hey!  You wanna buy a car?”

Appointment Kiosk

It is clever to put an enticing message on a whiteboard to today’s service appointments, but what about the ones without an appointment?  

Manual Offers

No need to pre-calculate offers for service appointments.  No need to send your veteran out there to entice those appointments.  Just follow-up with the customers who engage with the automated offer from SERVICEiQ!

Equity Mining

Sending a PDF via email and that same PDF printed in the mail isn’t very modern.  And what about all those service customers who didn’t buy a car from you?

Start Mining right!

We will send you a text to experience SERVICEiQ as your customer would.

And then, we’ll get your Used Car Factory cranking!