Third Base Coach: Chris Latta Joins FRIKINtech

When the up-bus unloads, often at least one of the passengers is the customer’s third base coach. Well, it’s time to level the playing field. 

Introducing FRIKIN Dealer Third Base Coach, Chris Latta. 

Drawing from his extensive, decades-long success in automotive, with a focus on digital solutions, Latta joins our FRIKIN team to ensure continued success for all our illuminated car dealers. Whether a dealer is using illumiQUOTE for automated lead response through their CRM, on their website for enhanced customer experience, or in the showroom to instantly pencil deals (or ALL THREE), its crucial to keep an eye out for opportunities. 

Over the last 15 years at, Latta, advanced online dealership operations with exceptional service and proactive insight. As third-base coach on our FRIKIN dealers’ team, Latta educates, encourages, and acts decisively to help illumiQUOTE users engage more customers, generate more leads, and sell more cars. 

A weird claim-to-fame for our newest gorilla – he’s had 7 cars stolen. SEVEN, including a 1991 Honda Prelude Si which was snagged a record three times in 18 months. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

When asked what dealers need to know, Latta shared, simply, “It really is OK to give car shoppers what they want the first time and still make a FRIKIN profit.” ?

Ready to score with FRIKINtech? Learn more about our automated lead response, payment presentation, digital retailing, and virtual BDC services here:

Written on May 12, 2020

Written by Christine Plunkett

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