Innovating Mail to Service & Equity customers

To join EQUITYiQ and SERVICEiQ’s automated texting and emailing, mail solidifies the trifecta of loyalty data mining.

QR Codes

Product leadership at FRIKINtech consists of former car dealers who did not care for the low tracking capabilities against the high costs of mailers and other equity-mining mail pieces from their days in the dealership. They strove to do something different, something innovative.

If there is one good thing we got out of the pandemic, it was the acceptance of QR Code technology. We know people are comfortable enough with QR Codes to know how to use them and this allows us to connect a physical piece of mail with a personalized digital experience to create a better customer experience. At the same time, customers who engage with the QR Code now give dealers the tracking they have wanted from mail since digital marketing was invented. Win, win, win!

-Alex Snyder (CEO of FRIKINtech)

Mail Expense & Impressions

QR Coded postcards do not have to be expensive. Other equity mining solutions rely on a piece of mail that comes in an envelope that can easily be mistaken for junk mail. To stand out from the other things in the customer’s mailbox, the letter stock and envelope require the utmost quality to feel like something special. This approach forces dealers to spend way more on mail than necessary.

Postcards get the point across and guarantee an impression. You can’t ignore this when you open your mailbox.

-Tom Harsha (COO of FRIKINtech)

Targeting the right vehicles

It isn’t just about innovating mail or ensuring the customer sees the message but also about tuning the budget to target the vehicles a dealer wants to trade or acquire.

EQUITYiQ and SERVICEiQ allow dealers to prioritize which trades they want to hit with texts, emails, and/or mail. Year, Make, Model, Mileage are important components dealers need to configure in order to entice the customers driving the right combinations to engage with the dealership again. Leading equity mining solutions do not have this kind of configuration.

Innovating Mail after all these years

Mail is not a standalone medium at FRIKINtech. It works with automated texting and emailing to ensure the right customers receive the right message at the right time in as many places as possible.

Combining quality postcards, QR Codes, and configurations to target the right trades is innovative for the automotive industry. And yes, we, too, are shocked this is innovative in 2023. It is about time!

Written on June 21, 2023

Written by FRIKIN tech

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