Introducing EQUITYiQ equity mining

Let the trumpets blow, and the drums start rolling… EQUITYiQ is in da house!

  • No cold-calling customers required
  • No logins required
  • No static mail offers required

When you give customers a dynamic offer they can interact with, everything changes!

Mail, email, and texting are the delivery methods, and all send the customer to a personalized landing page where they can control their experience. This means they can view every car they can buy – including used cars! They can change the car they wish to trade. They can play with incentives, credit tiers, different lenders, and new financing terms and explore whether they wish to lease, stroke a check, or get a loan.

When you don’t have to put absolutely every detail into a mailer, everything changes!

A better customer experience trumps expensive data. EQUITYiQ is $1,299/mo. for every dealer.

Written on November 3, 2022

Written by FRIKIN tech

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