Your Dealership’s Emails Are Pissing Customers Off

Ever wonder why your car dealership has trouble getting internet leads to respond to your emails? Let’s examine what your sending and play a little game called, “What the customer is REALLY thinking.” 

I can’t make this stuff up. 

This is going to hurt

This is why your internet leads do not respond to your multiple attempts to contact them. Typically, dealership websites include a call-to-action with the promise of providing an ePrice, internet price, sale price, or other special price in exchange for the visitor’s name, email address, and phone number. When a shopper takes the bait, instead of receiving the promised price information, they get some version of this nonsense. 

1. Hello Christine, Bob with XYZ Motors. I see you are interested in a Toyota Camry. How can I help you with your purchase?

2. Hi Christine, My name is Jerry, I’m with XYZ Motors. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to help you with your car purchase. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

3. Christine, My name is James. I’m a sales manager at XYZ Motors. I wanted to thank you for your interest in our dealership and invite you to take a test drive. What time works best for you today?

4. Christine, Toyota 4-Runners are only $99/mo right now at XYZ Motors.  *With $6,000 down

5. Hi Christine,Bob with XYZ Motors. I just wanted to check and see if we can schedule an apt to come in and visit with me about the Toyota Camry you are interested in. 

Oh Dear God Make It Stop!!

Let me break it down for you real quick. 

How can you help me with my purchase?  By giving me the price I asked for, even better, tell me how much it will cost me per month.  

Thank me for my interest in your dealership? I’m NOT interested in your dealership. I’m interested in financing a new Camry for 60 months, or whatever term will get me the lowest monthly payment. 

Let you know if there is anything you can do? Yes, there is something you can do, give me interactive lease and loan payment options. 

Invite me to take a test drive? Seriously, I asked for price info. I’ll test drive after I get the info I requested. 

What time works best for me? Now, right now. Literally any time works for you to give me the price and payment info. 

4-Runners are $499/mo? Well, congratuFRIKINlations, that’s great news for someone INTERESTED IN A 4-RUNNER! I want a Camry. And seriously, who has $6k to put down, I know I don’t. 

You want to check and see if we can schedule an apt? An apartment.. oh, appointment. Hell no! Again. You’re dead to me. 

Folks, you get a pass for sending this nonsense for the past 30 years, but it is not going to fly any longer. Not if you want to sell cars. We have the technology to provide every internet lead with the crucial information they want to know in the first quality response.

Is the vehicle available? Yes!
How much will it cost me? <– For some customers this is price, for MOST customers, their asking for monthly payments.

Ready for a big revelation? BOTH of these questions are implied when they tap on your ePrice button and hand over their email address. 

Please don’t force your customers to ask for pricing info. Just assume they want it. Trust us on this. The quickest way to surprise and delight your customers is to arm them with information to make an informed decision on their own. They will reward you with their business!

Written on November 22, 2019

Written by Christine Plunkett

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