I have to talk to my wife

Overcoming objections is Sales 101. Any statement, excuse, or mindset which prevents a car shopper from buying the car today is an objection. They range from legitimate hang-ups like not having the correct vehicle in stock, waiting for a tax return, or selling the current vehicle before buying a new one, to more obscure perceived impasses such as needing the approval of a spouse, not being sure or having to pray about it. All these roadblocks are equally legitimate to the shopper, but it is up to the sales team to determine which can be overcome TODAY! 

Since car shoppers are now visiting only one to two dealerships before signing on the dotted line, you likely have only one shot at closing business with a warm body in your showroom. Any pro can easily hurdle the trade objection, the tax return dilemma, and make a product switch with relative ease. The intangible objections are a bit trickier, but modern technology allows for creative solutions. For instance, if a man must talk to his wife about it, we all know the, “Well let’s give her a call!” comeback. But what if we could do more than that? With the right pencil tool, we can.

“I completely appreciate that this is a decision you and your wife must make together, let’s send her the information by text right now. She can configure the payment, down payment, terms, etc. to ensure she is 100% comfortable with our arrangement. Sound good?”


The thinking and praying buyers very well may leave your showroom no matter what, so arm them with a pencil tool link to their vehicle of interest which is engaging, interactive, and allows them to visualize every scenario so they can choose the payment structure that makes the most sense to them. It is easier to think and pray about it when you have all the information at your fingertips!

No matter the situation, you always stand a stronger chance of closing business when your customer feels comfortable. Remove the friction from your sales process with transparency.

Written on February 7, 2019

Written by Christine Plunkett

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