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How is your CRM working out for you? 

With the customer as the primary focus of your automotive CRM, your process is likely centered around building a relationship between the shopper and the sales agent or internet sales consultant. We do this because we are attempting to recreate the same interaction as we would if the shopper was standing in the showroom. We call them to follow up and leave a voicemail they probably won’t listen to. We send an email to check in asking questions, schmoozing, and otherwise dodging the real information the shopper wants. “How much?” With the internet shopper, we do not have the luxury of captivity. They can not see our face, gauge our tone, or respond to body language. It is merely words on a screen.

Relationship building is essential, but we are going about it all wrong. The shopper isn’t seeking a new best friend. They don’t want to chit chat. When attempting to earn the business of a shopper you can’t see, get down to business fast. The best way to build trust (the foundation for any great relationship) is to be transparent. The shopper is expecting you to tap dance. They are accustomed to fighting for a price and payment quote. They know the drill. They don’t like it. Imagine the shopper’s surprise when you lead with a price and payment quote from an automotive pencil tool that is interactive and customizable. Whoa!

By indicating to the shopper that you understand their goal and value their time you disarm them. Working on the same team towards helping the customer purchase the vehicle at a comfortable price and payment aligns the sales agent with the shopper. Further, alleviate the friction from the negotiation process by allowing the shopper to guide the experience. Ask them what they would like the next steps to look like. Answer questions quickly and thoroughly. Invite them to the showroom but don’t require a visit before you will offer assistance. That is old school. 

When dealers shift the focus of their interactions off the customer and even off the vehicle and instead put the numbers in the spotlight, FRIKTIONLESS transactions are easy. 

Written on February 7, 2019

Written by Christine Plunkett

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