Generate high quality first party leads and close more deals

Three automated solutions working 24/7 in your service and sales departments.  Never miss another vehicle acquisition, upgrade, or sales opportunity.

Used Car Acquisition

From the Service Drive

Inspire loyalty from your service customers while trading or buying the vehicle they just serviced.


Automated Offers

Engage with a text, email, and QR-coded postcard in the mail.

Sold Equity Mining

Live & Trackable Offers

More than static mail & email offers followed by cold calls that demoralize.


No Cold Calls

Your sales staff only talks to the customers who engaged with the offer.

Website Payments

Best Payment every day

The best payment from all your lenders with today’s rates beats a captive who updates once a month.


Beat your Competition

Your competition’s digital retailing does not show the customer every option available.

Lead Response

Automated from your CRM

Give every lead the best payment on the car they want without your internet team talking to the desk.


Know who Engaged

When customers engage with the payment, your team is notified.  They know which leads to call!

Payment Advertising

Social & Search Ads

Fuel your current agency with the best payment of the day to beat your competition to the punch.


Consistency is important

When customers see the same payment & price across all your properties, trust grows.

Virtual BDC

Call all your Leads

Please your OEMs with a rapid response time while ensuring your Internet leads are touched consistently.


Experienced at Appointments

Get more appointments when you use a team that is obsessed with using the right talk tracks that convert!

Service Drive Mining Data Factors

Showing live offers against their real-time equity motivates shoppers after they have spent a large amount of money on their older car in dealership service drives.




On average, customers are using $9,934 as the amount of equity they have to play with when viewing payments.


55% of service customers did not buy the car they're servicing from that dealership

12.3 Years

Customers are keeping their cars longer due to high vehicle purchase prices. They do not realize how much equity they have to offset higher prices.


35% of customers adjust their payoff to $0 when playing with payments. A lot of people paid their cars down in 2021 & 2022.


The average Repair Order cost being paid is $571. That's a car payment!


When a new dealer launches with us, the average number of customers in equity in the database is over 5,972!

Automation Everywhere

Focus your people on the things they’re good at.  Stop boring them with the mundane by automating the morale-killing chores.


Transparency is the language of trust

To get your customers to trust you they need to be given the information they want without hoops.  If you give them the real payments from your real lenders, the in-store experience will be frictionless.

📌 Hover over any gold icon to see how the landing experience builds trust.



Grab your customer’s attention with their name and an image of their car.

Live Equity

Equity can be changed on the fly.  If the customer has a different payoff, they can change it and get immediate results.


Today’s retail asking prices with a report to show customers the actual cars their trade is being compared to.  It is the ultimate in transparency.

Acquisition Option

Customers who just want to sell their car (more than 30% in 2023) can immediately jump into setting that appointment up.

Squeeze Jacket

Squeeze for a lead while filling in the deal jacket. Customers tuning payments gets you more data.

Equity on everything!

The Big Green Button to show the customers every car you can sell them with their equity applied to make the payments way less!

Don’t change your process

FRIKINtech’s founders were car dealers who know there is nothing worse than paying some vendor that forces you to change everything.  We built our technology to fit your world, so you don’t have to fit in ours.

Customize payments, lenders, and which cars you want to target in service and from past sales.


One Throat to Choke Dedicated Support

We call them “the Dealer’s Third Base Coach” because they’re here to help you.  But they’re waaaaay better at it than the third base coaches your customers bring into the showroom.


Live in less than 30 days

Cars & Prices

We'll get your inventory from your best provider with all the right pricing for accurate loans & leases.

For data mining & reports

We work with all the DMS providers to pull your sold customers and service ROs.

ADFs & Templates

We will work with you to ensure your leads are going to the right places, workflows are tuned, and Magic Links are firing in email templates.

Let's go!

Meet your Third Base Coach and get everything you need to talk to customers who have touched a payment or played with an offer.

Staying in touch

Weekly and monthly reports come to your inbox so you do not need to log in. We like to check in with you to discuss these reports and new strategies.

White Papers for you

No Logins needed for results

Engaged leads are what you’re getting and they all go to your CRM.  Reporting goes to your inbox and so does a list of today’s service appointments with their equity.  If you want to login, you can, but nobody needs to.


💡Digital Body Language in your CRM

Christopher just viewed a personalized EQUITYiQ estimated end of term equity offer. They currently have a loan through Toyota Motor Credit Corp with 3 payments remaining. They used 21401 as the zip code. This is Christopher’s first visit. 

It looks like they qualify for a “Military” incentive. They also qualify for a “Brand Loyalty” incentive. 

It looks like they have a 2018 Toyota RAV4 LE with 77,277 miles to trade. They confirmed their trade and were presented with the estimated trade value range from $14,508 to $16,311 and saw $15,409 as their trade value. They saw the estimated payoff of $1,875 for an estimated equity of $13,534.  They reacted with “I want a Trade Appraisal!”

There is so much more!  Tell us what you're interested in.