The Most Elegant Cherry-Pick from FRIKINtech

Any dealer who says they don’t cherry pick through their leads to find the best/easiest to close customers, is lying. We all do it. Work smart, not hard, right? 

‘Til now there hasn’t been a simple way to identify the lowest funnel automotive sales leads. We all know the standard blood-in-the water indicators like: Customers who fill out a trade form are more serious. But there is so much more to decipher now thanks to online shopping and engaging interactive tools, like SALESiQ

By monitoring and recording customers’ Digital Body Language, we’ve devised a formula to help dealers quickly identify which of their customers are likely to buy today, soon, and who will require longer term follow up. 

Introducing Cherry Leads from FRIKINtech

Since launching Digital Body Language, we have been enjoying the ease of interpreting consumer buying signals in SALESiQ.  Today, we launched a “meter” that shows you the likelihood a customer is going to buy soon… like this week soon.

Cherry pickin’ is what you SHOULD do!
I hear my old sales manager screaming at me for writing that.  “Everyone is here to buy today – this ain’t a bus stop,” he would say….

What about leads?  Not all leads are ready to buy right now, but some are and we’re going to help you find them.  

Cherry Leads replaces “Hot Leads” with 4 levels of readiness.
? 1 Cherry = higher in the funnel, but engaged with your dealership.
?? 2 Cherries = getting closer and could be considered for next month’s pipeline.
??? 3 Cherries = showing signs of buying this month.
????4 Cherries = CLOSE THEM NOW!!!!

Here are a few examples of Cherry Leads in popular automotive CRMs

There are all sorts of ways to filter customers.  You can even track the ones who ?  Came Back… we like to call those Digital Be Backs.  Those are some interesting customers to watch!

Find the customers who submitted a trade.  The ones who are looking at used cars. Ones who are not in a close zip code.  Came from your website or CRM.  And so many other combos. 

To learn more about how FRIKINtech dealers are using SALESiQ to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors, give us 15 minutes for a quick tour this week!

Written on April 15, 2021

Written by FRIKIN tech

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