The Real Deal

Your internet leads deserve more than a voicemail and generic email reply.

With only 20% of automotive internet leads responding back to dealers, it’s easy to agree that we’re doing something wrong, universally, when replying to shoppers. When a car shopper reaches out to a dealership with a website form we can automatically assume two things:

  1. They do not want to talk on the phone. (If they did they would have called you.)
  2. They do not want to visit your dealership without first gathering some information. (If they did, they’d be in your showroom instead of your inbox.)

Sadly, despite these obvious internet lead facts, many dealers respond to automotive internet leads in the following two manners:

  1. The dealer calls the customer.
  2. The dealer invites the customer to visit the showroom without first providing any valuable information.

This is not rocket science, Guys.

Let’s try this. The next time you receive an internet lead at your dealership, assuming they have indicated a vehicle of interest, respond back by email and include a custom, personalized, interactive price AND PAYMENT presentation. Telling the average customer the price of your vehicle doesn’t do much to help them visualize ownership or spur them to visit your store. Most shoppers are payment buyers. They can easily conceptualize $450 per month and decide if they want to move forward.

Until recently, there have been no reliable technology solutions to enable dealers to QUICKLY present accurate price and payments to internet leads. Now there is. IllumiQUOTE from FRIKINtech allows for instant price, loan, and lease payments to be auto-generated on your entire inventory with REAL programs that are achievable in the store. This is not a payment estimator. This is the real deal.

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Written on April 3, 2019

Written by Christine Plunkett

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